The Road To Golgotha

Available now from Cohesion’s new imprint, Cohesion Comics, is the two-in-one title The Road to Golgotha. Containing two stories, both illustrated by Montgomery Borror, this will be the first of many comics out from this new imprint.

The Road to Golgotha holds two comics by Australian writers, set to the art of US illustrator Monty Borror.
‘His Own Personal Golgotha’ by G.N. Braun follows the awakening of ‘the man’ into a nightmarish world of cemeteries and bones. To achieve anything, he must find out where and who he is.
‘The Road’ by Amanda J. Spedding shows us the changes wrought in Riley as she casts off her civilised veneer to allow the goddess within to emerge fully into her birthright.
Redemption and personal growth are strong themes throughout both stories, and they each hold surprises as the protagonists struggle to come to terms with changes or growth they need to undertake. Travel with them as they go through their own personal golgotha along a road less-travelled.


78 pages/perfectbound