Jack Hanson

Jack Hanson is a federal agent, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and an avid boxer. He lives near Phoenix, Arizona where he keeps bees and cattle.
He heard he should “write what he knows”. After two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a paratrooper, he figured he knew a thing or two about real combat.

Jack’s first series, The Secret Files of the League of Silence, has already had some stellar reviews for the first book.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]Cry Havoc is a coming of age tale in the tradition of Ender’s Game but with boots on the ground. Expansive, sharp, and well-realized, Hanson weaves a tale of futuristic war that will have people scrambling to sign up and join the fight.”
– Tim Marquitz, author of the Demon Squad and Clandestine Daze series

“Jack Hanson creates characters with emotion and growth, as deftly as he builds complex military science fiction. Cry Havoc is a steady progression from raw recruit training to an epic battle with the return of super-powered heroes of myth, an unexpected return of insidious enemies, and injuries for all; both physical and emotional. And there’s an armored T-rex with a friggin’ railgun.”
—Kane Gilmour, international best-selling author of The Crypt of Dracula