About Cohesion

NOTE: We are currently transitioning to a new distributor for print and ebook releases.
Please bear with us as we change links to purchase our releases.

Cohesion Press is a small press based in Australia.

Our plan is to ensure some of the biggest names in the military and action-based speculative fiction scene publish with us.

We are publishing some of the best writers in the business, including Jonathan Maberry, Weston Ochse, Joseph Nassise, Jeremy Robinson, Kane Gilmour, SD Perry, James A Moore, Greig Beck, Matt Hilton.

We will be soliciting work from authors, and we will also be opening up to unsolicited submissions at certain times throughout the year.
Keep an eye on the site and our Facebook page for news.

We are, for now, narrowing our focus to action-based military and creature-based speculative fiction.

As we grow, as our readership and market share grows, so will our ability to open up to more and more genres.

We’re here to stay.